Locations of Note


  • China Town: home to tea houses, laundromats, and opium dens.
  • Confederate District: very racist and anti-U.S.
  • Cornish District: poorest European district. Very rough neighborhoods.
  • Downtown: city center, location of all government buildings, and highest location of entertainment (theater/gambling/prostitution) and drinking establishments.
  • Irish District: largest and most powerful ethnicity with powerful Catholic influence
  • South Europe District: primarily Italian and Latin-speaking
  • Uptown: high concentration of financial and business institutions.


  • Butte City Hall: all local government and County Seat for Silver Bow County Mayor Dugan
  • Butte City Depot: central train station
  • Butte City Fire Department: Fire Marshal McNichols
  • Butte City Library:
  • Butte City Police Station: Sheriff Reynolds
  • Butte City Post Office:
  • Butte City School:
  • Silver Bow Assay Office:
  • Silver Bow County Court House:


  • Butte, Anaconda, and Pacific Railroad:
  • Butte Hardware Company: largest mining supply company in town
  • City National Bank:
  • Columbia Saloon:
  • Columbia Gardens: park and outdoor recreation center
  • Comique Theater: casino and dance hall with undertones of prostitution (complete with low-visibility passages for wealthier clientele)
  • Contagion: theater
  • Deaconess Hospital:
  • Derby Casino:
  • Globe National Bank:
  • Grand Plaza Casino: gambling and boxing arena
  • Hotel de Mineral:
  • Hotel Finlen:
  • Kenyon-Connell Company: largest general supply company in town
  • King & Lowry’s Saloon:
  • Lynch’s Corner: billiard parlor
  • Montana Central Railroad:
  • Montana Club: gambling and prostitution
  • Montana Jockey Club: horse racing track (semi-restricted)
  • Mother Lode Theater:
  • P&R Drug: general store
  • Sazerac Saloon:
  • Silver Bow Club: gambling house (semi-restricted)
  • Silver Dollar Saloon:
  • Sister’s Hospital:
  • St. Anne’s Catholic Church:
  • St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church:
  • St. Paul’s Methodist Episcopal Church:
  • Skating Rink:
  • War Bonnet Hotel:


  • Amalgamated Copper Company:
  • Anaconda Copper Mining Company: includes Anaconda Mine, Anaconda Standard (newspaper), and Anaconda Smelter (one of the largest smelters in the U.S.)
  • Butte & Boston Company: mining company
  • Butte Water Company:
  • Butte Workingman’s Union: miner’s union
  • Colorado & Montana Smelting Company:
  • Daily Record: newspaper
  • Montana Independent Telephone Company: telegraph and telephone systems
  • Montana Ore Purchasing Company:
  • Masonic Temple:
  • Parrot Company: mining company and owner of Parrot Smelting Works
  • Rarus Company: mining company
  • Silver Bow Water Company:
  • Standard Oil Company:
  • Symons Company:
  • United Copper Company:
  • Washoe Copper Company:

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Locations of Note

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