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Location: Butte, Montana, U.S.A.
Approximate Date: early 1890

The population of the town is approximately 10,000 people, making Butte the largest population center between Chicago, IL and Portland, OR. Anaconda lies 25 miles west upon the Continental Divide while the newly announced State Capital, Helena, lies 70 miles north. Butte and Anaconda have a bitter rivalry perpetuated by mining moguls William Clark and Marcus Daly. The primary regional newspapers are the Butte Miner (owned by Clark) and the Anaconda Standard (owned by Daly), both heavily biased in favor of their aggressively competing parent mining companies.

The city has a vibrant downtown, hundreds of bars, a flourishing red light district, and an entertainment scene which rivals anything on the East Coast. The outlying copper mines are the most productive in the world, supplying the U.S. with sought after wiring to illuminate the newly integrated electric light, making regional businessmen absurdly wealthy. Corruption is rampant, murder is not uncommon, and rival mining unions wage bloody wars on city streets and far below in the copper mines.

Brief History:
1864 – prospectors strike gold, the region’s first mines are registered
1875 – mining boom begins with discovery of rich silver ore
1879 – City of Butte is formed
1881 – Silver Bow County is established with Butte City as the county seat
1881 – first railroads arrive from Ogden, UT
1887 – Butte becomes the world’s leading producer of copper
1889 – Montana becomes a U.S. State

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Campaign Setting

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