Skill and Characteristic Checks: These are always a percentile roll. A roll equal to or less than the character’s skill or ability score is a success. A roll greater than is a failure. While skills and some characteristics (Idea, Luck, Know, & Sanity) are static, other characteristics (App, Con, Dex, Edu, Int, Pow, Siz, & Str) are opposed tests and the keeper will determine the score required for success. Certain environmental or circumstantial factors may also modify any score. To speed up play, investigators may roll for a skill or characteristic each time they attempt to use it or think it may be useful and the keeper will determine if it was necessary and/or successful.

Skill Experience: When an investigator uses a skill the keeper may tell him to check that specific skill. Each skill may have only one check mark. When instructed, the investigators will make experience rolls. One percentile is rolled for each skill with a check. If the percentile is less than or equal to the skill score there is no improvement. If the percentile is greater than the skill score the skill score will increase by 1d10 points. Check marks are cleared after experience rolls (successful or not) and may be checked again in future play.

Sanity Checks: When a character fails a sanity check they will most likely be instructed to roll a die and subtract that number from their Current Sanity score. Their Max Sanity score will not be affected.

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