Friedrich Weimer - Fluff

Quiet and contemplative, Freidrich is a hard worker that learns quickly and is trusted by his co-workers


Light brown hair.
Walrus mustache.
Dresses professionally as most his duties have transitioned into less labor and more clerical, but still rolls up his sleeves when needed.


His parents were immigrants from Germany, opening a successful butcher shop in Columbus, OH.

Friedrich’s mom died when he was still a child. He got along okay with his dad, but being an only child and the demands of his father’s shop, Fred didn’t see him much. When he got old enough, he left to find work with the railroad and ended up in Butte, MT where he worked for a time as a miner before getting a job in town at a brewery. It was here he discovered his true passion, which is crafting beers. He started at the bottom and is hoping to some day have the experience he needs to leave Butte and open his own brewery somewhere else.

During his time as a miner Fred grew to pick up on the anti-Coolie sentiment from the other miners. He never participated in any violence, not being a violent person in general, but he does feel Chinese are a threat to his livelihood and generally supports efforts to limit their involvement in his life.

Friedrich Weimer - Fluff

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